Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dyson Ball-Yee haw.

Ok so, I know that 300-500 dollars is A LOT to pay for a vacuum. I do. But I am completely convinced that the Dyson is not a vacuum. It is a robot that knows exactly how to make my vacuuming experience amazing. It all comes down to this: It's "simple." The buttons are in all the right places, they do what they say they'll do, and the arm sucker thingy (yes, I just called it that) is hidden in the perfect spot, just the right length and extremely user friendly. 

My huz and I bought one when we got married and lived in our carpeted apartment. Less than a year later we bought our first home and put in hardwood floors throughout... So we were left thinking, "what the heyyyooo are we going to do with this expensive vacuum?!" Common sense tells you that you're still going to need one... If you have wood floors you know, dust bunnies live EVERYWHERE.. all the time. So you need a vacuum.. badly.. unless you feel like sweeping every single day. (Yea, no thanks.) But of course we wondered if we really needed a $400 one. Hmm...

Luckily we chose to keep it... figuring we'd still use it for the area rugs and to suck up the occasional dust bunny, even though the floor salesman SWORE it would ruin our floors.

I'm not one to read instructions... like, ever. So I didn't know that you can stop the rollers when you are vacuuming on hard surfaces (as not to scratch them!) Another awesome feature... How? Just press the button that has a picture of the rollers on it! Again, simple. But of course I found that out when I accidentally sucked up a robe and they stopped on their own... I thought I'd broken it and almost cried, but finally figured it out. (I will credit that to me always making something more difficult than it is... and never reading instructions. Ha!)

So, in conclusion: Whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, tile or laminate, a Dyson Vacuum is a very good investment. I plan on loving mine for many moons to come...

My only regret:

Not waiting until they came out with the RED one.

Rats! ;)


  1. You know what... I'm really enjoying your writing ;)
    Keep it coming ;)

  2. Me and my wife Devin received a Dyson for our wedding and it really does suck (which is a compliment for a vacuum of course). I agree with your assessment of the Dyson. Ours is purple though.